Tuesday, 6 December 2011

DJ Fresh Live - Review

DJ Fresh at Concorde2 on 30th November 2011.

From the minute the doors opened, people were skipping the bar and heading straight to the front in order to get the best view. Despite DJ Fresh not being due on stage until around 9pm, the number of people crowding around the barriers was impressive. I enjoyed a drink at Concorde2’s atmospheric bar, sampling the various ciders on offer. 

As 9o’clock approached, the entire room was bubbling with anticipation. It was rumoured that the stage had taken 5 hours to set up, and I could see why – an enormous 3D lit up triangle filled half of the stage, as well as all the band equipment. As the lights flickered into action, DJ Fresh himself stood inside of the triangle, with other band members taking their places. Fleur and Jay, the vocalists for the band, sprang into action, launching into the track Gold Dust with incredible enthusiasm. Following with insanely immense tracks such as Hypercaine, Bigger Than Hip Hop and the number one chart single Louder, it was impossible not to dance like a frenzied madman to their catchy songs. 

Fleur and Jay’s energy and vigour was easily transferable to the audience members, and with the help of a giant video screen in the background the audience were made to feel like we were in the music video itself. The quality of the sound system contributed to this, and although you could feel the bass rippling through your body, it was not at all unpleasant. Electrifying is probably the best word to describe the feeling, and I can safely say they are better live than I could have ever expected. I’m sure other audience members would agree.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Concorde2 Wins 'Best Live Music Venue' At The Music Week Awards 2011

Concorde2 have picked up another award for 'Best Live Music Venue' at Music Week Awards Ceremony, which took place on Tuesday 24th May 2011, at The Roundhouse, in Camden.

Concorde2 were shortlisted from 80 venues across the UK and made the top 5 which was already amazing, but to take title is a huge honour.
This is a prestigious award to win, especially when up against such high profile and established venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, who are celebrating their 140th Anniversary this year. 

All the staff at Concorde2 would like to thank everyone who have shown their support for the venue, and also to all those in the Industry that have worked alongside us for over 20 years, contributing to make Concorde2 renowned for live music, and being the best that it can be.

Concorde2 hopes to continue to provide our wonderful city with endless entertainment for everyone for years to come! 

Thank you once more to everyone who has shown us support over the years!